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Comprehensive List of Services

Welcome to the Bob Taylor Engineering, Inc. information page. We are the industry leader in Construction Testing and Inspection Services in the Southern Maryland region. We strive to deliver the highest quality construction inspection and testing services to our clients. Because our quality control standards are high, our engineers and certified lab technicians are among the best in the business. Our goal is to always deliver uncompromising personalized service and customer satisfaction in all aspects of our work. We want you, our valued customer, to be happy. Below is a comprehensive list of our services.

Bob Taylor Engineering, Inc.
List of Services

ASTM D-75 Standard Practice for Sampling Aggregates

ASTM D-421 Dry Preparations of Soil Samples for Particle Size Analysis and Determination of Soils Constants

ASTM D-422 Standard Test Method for Particle-Size Analysis of Soils

ASTM D-448 Standard Certification for Sizes of Aggregates for Road and Bridge Construction

ASTM D-546 Sieve Analysis of Mineral Filler for Bituminous Paving Mixtures

ASTM D-558 Moisture-Density Relations of Soil-Cement Mixtures

ASTM D-698 Laboratory Compaction Characteristics of Soil Using Standard Effort

ASTM D-1140 Amount of Material in Soil Finer than the No. 200 Sieve

ASTM D-1452 Soil Exploration and Sampling by Auger Borings

ASTM D-1556 Density and Unit Weight of Soil in Place by the Sand Cone Method, per hourly rate

ASTM D-1557 Laboratory Compaction Characteristics of Soil Using Modified Effort

ASTM D-1586 Standard Penetration Test (SPT) and Split-Barrel Sampling of Soils

ASTM D-1633 Compressive Strength of Molded Soil-Cement Cylinders (Includes capping, breaking and reporting), rate per specimen

ASTM D-1883 CBR (California Bearing Ratio) of Laboratory-Compacted Soils

ASTM D-2216 Laboratory Determination of Water (Moisture) Content of Soil and Rock by Mass

ASTM D-2434 Permeability of Granular Soils (Constant Head)

ASTM D-2487 Classification of Soils for Engineering Purposes (Unified Soil Classification System)

ASTM D-3385 Infiltration Rate of Soils in Field Using Double Ring Infiltrometers, per hourly rate

ASTM D-3441 Mechanical Cone Penetration Tests of Soil, per hourly rate

ASTM D-4318 Liquid Limit, Plastic Limit, and Plasticity Index of Soils

ASTM D-6938 In-place Density Water Content of Soil and Soil Aggregate by Nuclear Methods (shallow depth), per hourly rate

AASHTO T-99 Moisture Density Relations of Soil Using a 5.5 lb. Rammer and 12 in. Drop

AASHTO T-180 Moisture Density Relations of Soil Using a 10 lb Rammer and 18 in Drop

ASTM C-31 Making and Curing Concrete Test Specimens in the Field (includes sampling per ASTM C-172, air temperature per

ASTM C-1064, and one slump test per ASTM C-143), per hourly rate

ASTM C-39 Compressive Strength of Cylindrical Concrete Specimens (includes capping, breaking, and reporting), rates are per test specimen: Bob Taylor Engineering Made; Client Made; Laboratory Curing of Saved Cylinders; Saw Cutting of Cylinder Face

ASTM C-78 Flexural Strength of Concrete Beams (includes curing and breaking), rates are per test specimens: Bob Taylor Engineering Made: Client Made

ASTM C-109 Compressive Strength of Hydraulic Cement Mortars using 2 in. or 50 mm. Cube Specimens Making and Curing of Hydraulic Cemtent Mortars, per hourly rate

ASTM C-117 Materials Finer than No. 200 Sieve in Mineral Aggregates by Washing

ASTM C-136 Sieve or Screen Analysis of Fine and Coarse Aggregates

ASTM C-143 Slump of Hydraulic Cement Concrete

ASTM C-172 Sampling Freshly Mixed Concrete

ASTM C-173 Air Content of Freshl Mixed Concrete by the Volumetric Method

ASTM C-231 Air Content of Freshly Mixed Concrete by the Pressure Method

ASTM C-805 Rebound Number of Hardened Concrete, per hourly rate

ASTM C-1064 Temperature of Freshly Mixed Hydraulic-Cement Concrete