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22688 Three Notch Road
Lexington Park, MD




Detailed Construction Inspection and Soil Testing Services

Bob Taylor Engineering, Inc.'s commitment to the highest quality comprehensive construction inspection and soil testing services makes BTE Inc. a highly reliable and trusted resource in the Southern Maryland construction industry. Our team of professionals monitor building pads and site grading to establish solid foundations for construction and excavation contractors.

Geotechnical Drilling

  • Buildings
  • Bridges
  • Runways
  • Control Towers
  • Road Construction


  • Residential Dams
  • Agricultural Dams
  • Stormwater Runoff



  • Stormwater Management
  • Subdivisions
  • Commercial Properties

Mary Matula Elementary School Project

Bob Taylor Engineering drilling staff performs soil borings at Mary Matula Elementary School, Charles County, Maryland.  Soil analysis from the borings were used for an improvements with the Bio Retention Facility.

(Photo courtesy of Joe Taylor)

Our truck-mounted SIMCO™ drill rig provides soil expiration and boring. This allows us to collect geotechnical information on soil to determine if it can be used for both design and construction. We sample concrete that is delivered to the job site in accordance with STM standards. Our field technicians also use a nuclear density gauge to monitor compaction of asphalt and soil during construction of paved roads and control fills.

Asphalt Truck

Bob Taylor Engineering is located in Lexington Park, Maryland.

Contact us at (301) 862-4300 for versatile geotechnical engineering materials testing.