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A Message from Bob Taylor

Fall 2018

Bob Taylor

Bob Taylor, President 

Bob Taylor Engineering, Inc

   Recently, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a report describing the immediate consequences of global climate change.  In their report, the UN appointed group of scientists describe a warming atmosphere that could trigger inundating coastlines, intensifying droughts, and a threat to food security.  Bob Taylor Engineering, Inc. can't singlehandedly transform our global environment.  But, our best business practices, now and in the past, have always been sesitive to the environmental concerns of our local and regional community.

    Every project that BTE undertakes makes some environmental impact.  We, at BTE, view our environmental responsibility seriously on many levels.  We follow all county, state, and federal laws and regulations that pertain to environmental protection.,  Our BTE staff is trained and certified to implement those measures to insure compliance with all environmental laws and regulations.

  With a focus on community safety, all BTE lab staff hold certifications by the Maryland Department of the Environment as drinking water samplers.   Members of the BTE staff are also certified to perform soils analyses, including

sub-surface analysis for compliance with all construction industry standards.  With 38 years experience, BTE has developed expertise in mitigating and controlling storm water runoff; used underdrains to stablize the water table levels and to control ground water.  Our success is directly related to our knowledge and recognition of the unique character of in-place soils in St. Mary's County.

   I pledge that BTE will continue to employ those practices and processes that preserve and protect our local and regional resources so that we leave St. Mary's County and its waterways as healthy and as vibrant as possible.

   With regards,

   Bob Taylor