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Our Mission

With professionalism, integrity, honesty, and fairness, Bob Taylor and the employees of Bob Taylor Engineering, Inc. deliver the highest quality construction inspection and testing services to its clientele. We are dedicated to uncompromising personalized service and customer satisfaction in all aspects of our work.

Complete Geotechnical Engineering Materials Testing

Test and Inspection Services - Geotechnical Engineering

Concrete and Soils Testing

CONCRETE: Our team conducts on-site concrete sampling with beams and cylinders and includes mortar and grout.  We also conduct job site inspections, field reports, compressive strength testing, and laboratory mix design.  We maintain a laboratory curing facility with calibrated compression test machinery. 

BTE testing labs are certified by CCR, by NMRCA Pervious Concrete for Porous Cement Testing.  We also hold AASHTO R-18 and ASTM E 329 accreditation. AASHTO R-18 is the standard upon which our entire certification program is based, while ASTM E 329 upholds the standards for the accuracy of data, management systems, testing criteria, and code compliance and regulations.

Our current certifications include:

  • ASTM D 1077
  • Concrete:  C 31, C 39, C 78, C 138, C 143, C 172, C 0173, C 231, C 511,    C 617, (7000 psi and below), C1064, C 1231

SOILS:  We provide on-site job inspections, field reports, construction supervision, laboratory as well as field testing.  We inspect and test for soils classification and sieve analysis, in-place field density, and perform soils analysis for compliance with construction specifications.  Our goal is to provide you with the accurate information you need to insure the safety and success of your engineering project.  Our current certifications include:

  • ASTM D 3740, , D 3666
  • Asphalt Mixture:  D2950, D 5444,    D 6307
  • Soils:  D 421, D 422, D 698, D 854, D 1140, D 1557, D 1883, D 2216,   D 2487, D 2488, and D4318

Certified Lab and Service - Geotechnical Engineering

Certified Technical Staff

BTE's  commitment to delivering the highest quality construction and testing services to its clientele is paramount to our mission.  Our labs are licensed by the Maryland Department of the Environment, Nuclear Gauge, SHA Traffic Control, SHA Soils/Lab/Asphalt, ACI Field-1, and NRMC Pervious Concrete.  And our  technicians are certified by the American Concrete Institute, the Maryland Department of the Environment, the Mid-Atlantic Technician Program, and the Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory Programs.

BTE employs certified, highly skilled personnel to provide unfiltered data for concrete, soils, asphalt, and aggregate tests.   Our technicians use the latest equipment to accuarately inspect and test all materials for your construction project. 

BTE techicians and engineers regularly enroll in professional development programs to enhance their skills, and to earn certification or recertification for various industry standards and practices.

In 2018 BTE technicians and engineers hold certifications in the following:


  • ACI Concrete Field Testing
  • ACI Concrete Strength Testing
  • ACI Aggregate Testing
  • ACI Concrete Laboratory Testing

ACI recertification through 2022 has been awarded to BTE employees to Bob Taylor, Joe Taylor, Billy Doughty, Chad Carpenter, and Charles Grimm.


  • MARTCP HMA Plant Tech-Level 1
  • MARTCP HMA Field Testing
  • APNGA Portable Nuclear Gauge Safety and U.S. D. O.T. Hazmat Certification


  • APNGA Portable Nuclear Gauge Safety and U.S. D. O.T. Hazmat Certification
  • MARTCP Soils and Aggregate Compaction Testing
  • WACEL Soils Level 1 Testing

MD State Highway Soils recertification has been awarded to Billy Doughty and Joe Taylor.

Personalized Customer Service - Geotechnical Engineering

Company-Client Liaison

With our 35 plus years of well-rounded  experience in the construction inductry and our commitment to quality, let BTE arrange and conduct all your pre-construction investigations.   Our professional and technical personnel will prepare your preliminary designs, estimates, and proposals in accordance with industry standards and best practices in our accredited facilities.  We have a well-educated staff to personally guide your various projects.  Long term, solid relationships with the necessary residential, commercial, and governmental agencies are hallmarks of our superior, personal customer service. 

Bob Taylor retains long-term memberships in the following professional associations:

Registered & Licensed Engineers for the State of Maryland | American Society for Testing and Materials™ | AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory™(AMRL)| County Engineers Society of Maryland | The American Concrete Institute (ACI) | Washington Area Council of Engineering Laboratories, Inc.| The St. Mary's County Chamber of Commerce

Bob Taylor Engineering is located in Lexington Park, Maryland.

Contact us at (301) 862-4300 for versatile geotechnical engineering materials testing.